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Fill Word Template and Print to PDF

We started this project creating tables in SQL Server that are truncated and refilled weekly.

Somebody on the team exports the data to a secure site we have so that the data can be used for a Word Mail-merge.

Because the files have to be printed to PDF; mail-merge was too unwieldly. In the end, I replaced the merge fields with Bookmarks in Word.

'Cells are defined by my Enum; 2 Enums in place for parameters
Workbooks.OpenText Filename:= _
    GetPath & Cells(C,LtrV.Fname) & .txt
,Origin:= 437, StartRow:=1, DataType:=xlDelimited, TextQualifier:= xlDoubleQuote, _
ConsecutiveDelimiter:= False,Tab:= True, Semicolon:= False, Comma:= False, Space:= False, _
Other:=True, OtherChar:= |
R=Range(A65000).End(xlUp).Row   'Get last row
For C = 2 to R   'Second row of workbook to end
WDapp.Documents.Open Filename:= Pather &  daFileName.DOCX   'Word file is open
WDapp.Visible = True
WDapp.ActiveDocument.Bookmarks(TheBookmarkName).Range.InsertAfter cells(C,DataSht.PersonName)
WDapp.ActiveDocument.Bookmarks(NextBookmarkName).Range.InsertAfter cells(C,DataSht.PersonAddress)
WDapp.ActiveDocument.ExportAsFixedFormat OutputFileName:= DaPath & GeorgresFile.PDF,
ExportFormat:= wdExportFormatPDF
WDapp.ActiveDocument.Close SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges 'Word file is closed before starting next
Next C

Because we had four kinds of documents that may or may not contain data; I would go thru each one. If it did not contain data, it was closed immediately and the Word routine was not started.

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