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Lookup Function

I received an email from Clark regarding a formula about a foot long including a VLOOKUP and 3 nested IFs.

Fixing the basic formula was easy; then I suggested a Custom Function to replace typing that whole thing. This is the result.

Public Function PriceLookup(PartNum As Variant)

' +-----------------------------------------------------------------------********---------+
' |   The original formula
' |    =VLOOKUP(F8,PartsList!$D$2:$K$9899,IF(K2="A",5,IF(K2="B",6,IF(K2=C,7,0))),FALSE)
' +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
    Dim ColLook     As Long
    Select Case Range("K2")     'Look for letter here
        Case "A", "a"
            ColLook = 5
        Case "B", "b"
            ColLook = 6
        Case "C", "c"
            ColLook = 7
        Case Else
            ColLook = 10        'Basically throw error
    End Select
    PriceLookup = Application.VLookup(PartNum, [PriceList], ColLook, False)
    'VLOOKUP(theCell, Named_Lookup_Range, Which_Column,Exact_Match)
End Function

See the illustration below for how the function is used.

Better Lookup

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