User-Defined Functions

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Bond Maturity

Want to aggregate values by maturity bands, i.e.,

Value of Securities maturing less than 1 year. Value of Securities maturing 1 - 2 years Value of Securities Matruing 2 - 5 years etc.

Security A2006/30/2004
Security B50012/15/2006
Security C 4003/15/2008
Security D10005/15/2011
Security E4508/15/2003

Less than 1	=SUM(IF(C2:C6<=TODAY()+365,B2:B6,0))
1-2 years =SUM(IF(C2:C6>TODAY()+365,IF(C2:C6 2-5 years =SUM(IF(C2:C6>=TODAY()+730,B2:B6,0))
365 = days in one year, 730 = days in 2 years
Remember, at the end of each formula, you need to hold Ctrl & Shift keys, while pressing the Enter key; to tell Excel you have entered an Array formula.

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