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Office Page Guide -
Excel Visual Basic for Applications
I have been using Excel through all versions since 2.0. (I started with the one that came with a runtime version of Windows 2.0) I like VBA. Hope some of these code examples help you out.

Most of my work is in VBA or SQL right now so some of the examples may be a little old. Recent projects have involved writing a query in Teradata and building into Excel VBA. Formatting examples coming soon.

Access VBA
About 90% of all my work is in Access or SQL now. Most of the Custom Functions I am building in one application will work in the other; simply change Recordsets to Cells.
Word VBA
It had been years since I had need to do anything with Word VBA. Most of my Word stuff is templates and mail-merge. Section added January 2015
Formulas and Functions
Ever need that really strange formula but have no idea how to write it? Check these out. I will try to help if you , but remember I still have a full-time job and will not get to all questions. NEVER, EVER send attachments. I delete them immediately!
Excel FAQ
Here are my most frequently asked questions. I do not know the answer to everything and will gladly tell you I don’t.
Others that are doing great things with Office
My Excel links page. Some of these are in languages that I cannot read and are marked accordingly.
Other Programs
Within the last year, more and more of my work assignments have been in Access, Word and Outlook. I am planning to add sections for these programs eventually.
Got a Question?
Do not attach examples! The demands on my time are preventing me from answering most questions at this time.

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